Thank you to Tito's Vodka

The Spokane Regional Tito's Vodka Team has been an outstanding participant in this year's Purple for a Purpose. This team has gone above and beyond to help promote P4P, get community businesses involved (Hi Neighbor, Elliot's an Urban Kitchen, North Hill on Garland, Lions Lair Spokane, South Perry Lantern, Slightly Charred Pizza, and more), and even created a special sparkly purple Tito's vodka for the month. This team truly is the dream team and has shown outstanding support and dedication to ending the violence.

Go check out one of the afore-mentioned mentioned restaurants to get your hands on the beautiful limited edition Tito's Vodka.  

Thank you to Kadra, owner of Little Noodle Spokane.

Kadra Evans (owner/chef) of Little Noodle on Garland has shown amazing support and commitment to the Purple for a Purpose cause. Kadra has put in countless hours of hard work to discuss/involve the Garland District businesses in P4P. Kadra also helped to organize the Purple Party Day on October 8th. This day was an amazing display of the community coming together to participate in the cause with specially decorated store fronts, special day of menu items, and prizes to win. 
Without Kadra we would not have been able to make such an amazing impact in our community, and she did it all while simultaneously running a delicious Asian-fusion restaurant! Be sure to check out Little Noodle and show this business the same support they show our greater Spokane community!